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For many women and men, hair removal is a part of looking and feeling their best.. Our expert aestheticians are able to evaluate your skin and hair type in order to choose the best wax for your body and the area you want treated. Waxing at home not only hurts more, it can lead to rashes or burns that require medical care if the DIY product is handled incorrectly or is of poor quality.


Professional Aestheticians.
Beyond the luxury of having a professional care for your body, it’s simply better for your skin! Our aestheticians are experienced and knowledgeable. They can help choose the right products for your treatment and apply them accurately, minimizing pain and side effects. When your waxing is performed by an expert, you can expect an even waxing that eliminates hair for several weeks.


On average, clients enjoy smooth skin for 3-5 weeks after their first wax. But with every subsequent wax treatment, you slowly damage the hair follicles in the treated area. Once injured, a follicle produces softer, wispier hairs until it stops producing hair entirely. Because of this, you will enjoy a gradual reduction of hair over the years that you work with your aesthetician, and you can trust that our experts will respond and adapt to the changing hair texture and continue to offer you the best waxing product for your new hair type.


Some clients are shy about letting someone see their body while it’s covered with hair. We want to assure you that our professionals take every opportunity to make you feel welcome and comfortable during your time in our salon. Just like you shouldn’t feel embarrassed about showing your teeth to your dentist, we want you to feel confident showing your hair to our aestheticians. We’re here to help give you the delightfully soft skin you love.


Waxing on Your Schedule.
One thing we hear from our clients all the time is how much they love the convenience of professional waxing. It only takes a second to schedule their appointment for the day before an important date. They know that our team is punctual and efficient, so they can finish their bikini in just 15 minutes, with no time wasted cleaning up a messy bathroom. Plus our aestheticians are well prepared and can take necessary precautions to prevent uncomfortable side effects.

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